Emperor Salmon


Emperor Salmon is an item level 87 fish. The Emperor Salmon can be found in many zones. The zones where this fish are found is listed below. Emperor Salmon is used in the profession of cooking. When it is cooked it creates Spicy Salmon, Fire Spirit Salmon, Banquet of the Steamer, Great Banquet of the Steamer, and Mogu Fish Stew. This fish is caught in open water and schools of fish.

Listed to the right side of the page shows the prices in which you want to sell your stacks of fish on the Auction House. Remember when you are working the Auction House always buy items cheap and when items are on high demand jack-up your prices to make max profits! Listed below are maps of the locations to find pools of the fish.

World of Warcraft Auction House Rates

Stacks Low Buyout Price High Buyout Price
1 22 50 37 50
5 112 50 187 50
10 225 00 375 00
20 450 00 750 00

Materials Needed

Fishing Profession
Fishing Pole

Krasarang Wilds, Townlong Steppes, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and Valley of the Four Winds

Professions that use fish:

  • Cooking